The “Holistic” World, and What It Means in the Widest Scope

“Holistic” is a that term appears in various disciplines and its main purpose is to make an
analysis of the whole, conceiving its parts as small nuclei. It implies an attitude open to history,
to events, to perceiving contexts, ideas, and situations within multiple relationships. Holistic
principles have existed since ancient times in the most varied cultures and contexts, including
science, sociology, education, religion, and medicine.

Within the holistic world, there are several divisions, below we will mention some of them:
● A holistic vision is a global vision of all the components, strategies and activities of a given
situation; applies to business, interpersonal relationships, etc.

● Holistic marketing, created by Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, consists of the integration of 4
components: relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing and socially
responsible marketing; recognizing that everything is important and the need to adopt a
broad and integrated vision.

● Holistic medicine is a form of alternative therapy applied to medicine and indicates that for
correct therapeutic treatment, the environment, and the different aspects that make up the
person must be taken into account. It includes concepts like vital energy and balance.

It is used in the treatment of physical problems such as muscle pain, migraines;
psychological anguish, fear, depression, etc. Within holistic medicine is included
homeopathy, yoga, herbal, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, sound therapy; Bach flowers,
alignment of chakras, crystal therapy, among others.

● Holistic massage; It is a treatment on a physical and mental level based on a
comprehensive conception of the person. This type of massage seeks to maintain or recover
physical and mental health, harmony, and natural balance.

It includes different techniques such as digitotherapy, chemotherapy, and crystal therapy. In a
generic way, holistic massage looks for the energy that is accumulated and blocked to
release it through physical stimuli and its connection with mental aspects.
● Holistic thinking; it is a way of thinking that is natural and typical of the human being,

capable of abstract ideas, making connections, and obtaining an overview of a complex
system. It is a form of perception and analysis of reality in a global way.
● Holistic education; is a modern and innovative educational philosophy, based on respect

for identity, thoughts, points of view and its connection with the community, the natural world
and values such as compassion and peace.

It promotes a love of life and a passion for learning. It is a new educational paradigm that
conceives education as a living being in constant evolution; where freedom, creativity, critical
and reflective sense, and respect for everything around us are promoted. It cannot be related
to religious beliefs, dogmas, or rituals; or anything that skews the critical sense.

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VIABeleida Delgado
SOURCEAirto Cortez
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