Know the Positive Side of Loneliness

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When we talk about loneliness, feelings of bitterness, sadness, apathy, despair always come to mind.

However, loneliness also has positive factors.

 Which are? On the one hand, it gives you total freedom when it comes to doing what you want without having to ask anyone else for explanations or having to adapt to someone else’s concerns.

On the other hand, you have more time for yourself and you can use it as best suits you.

Being alone should not be an excuse for not making certain plans.

In other words, you can do whatever you want from traveling to going to the movies.

Furthermore, happiness does not depend on having someone next to you, but it depends on yourself, your initiative, positive thinking, and your level of well-being.

The positive of loneliness

Although we exist in a society that defends independence, we are afraid of any form of isolation and that is why we try all the time to live connected with others.

Technology also helps us keep in touch with our loved ones.

Being alone gives us the power to regulate and adjust our lives. It teaches us the strength and ability to meet our needs.

It restores energy to us, makes us rest from so many tensions, allows us to explore the hidden with our curiosity, and increases the desire to be individuals with hopes of freedom.

Loneliness is a source of life

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According to psychologists, they explain that feeling nostalgic for a lover, friend, or family member is not the cause of loneliness, just as finding another person cannot be the cure.

Some of those with strong family ties may feel as lonely as those who live on their own.

Ties with others do not have strong relationships, because in some cases those ties are sustained as an expensive personal commitment. Many feel like hostages of certain relationships.

Loneliness an opportunity to reflect, build and get to know each other better

  • Being alone for at least a few hours a day is necessary.

You need to learn to live with yourself.

If you avoid saying no to what you don’t like for fear of being alone, then you panic at loneliness and are emotionally dependent.

Do not worry, everything can improve, but remember that the main objective is that you take charge of your life.

You must be clear and expose your situation to yourself. If you don’t feel the courage to present your ideas and feelings, go to an expert to help you.

  • Write down your thoughts.

People who run away from loneliness also escape from themselves. He prefers not to face his fears.

Write down your negative thoughts in a notebook and reflect on them.

Be aware that ideas scare you and try to think differently; refocus them.

When fear strikes you, counter it with positive thinking.

  • Work on your self-esteem.

Take readings that encourage you to reflect, that help you become aware of your situation.

Learn from everything that happens to you.

  • Meditate.

Practice meditation will help you get to know yourself better.

  • Resume your hobbies if you have left them.

Remember what you liked, what you had fun with, and promote it.
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