Kiwi, Exotic Fruit with Wonderful Properties for You

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    Fruits continue to be of great usefulness to man. Children who begin to eat solid foods show a preference for fruits before parents can teach them its use. They ingest them avidly and are generally more satisfied with them than with the compotes and syrups supplied. There are also many adults who would always prefer some good fruits to pieces of meat.

    Known as one of the most exotic fruits of all time The Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa), is native to a large area of ​​China, especially the forests of the Yangtze River Valley. Introduced to New Zealand in 1904, it has since been cultivated in many temperate regions for its edible fruit. As additional information we can contribute that the Kiwi name was granted in that same country; it is said that he was baptized under that name by the similar-looking bird of the same name.

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    The fruit itself could be described as an oval, measuring approximately 6 cm long. The skin that covers it is fine with shades that vary between light brown and green. Inside it is quite delicate pulp. It is one of the most striking fruits because the color of the pulp is intense bright green. In addition to it, the pulp is accompanied by tiny seeds that range from grayish-black to brown.

    Kiwi nutritional value

    It is one of the fruits that has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C (Around 100 mg per 100 g of food), the Kiwi is rich in lutein, a phytochemical compound that reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease , macular degeneration and cataracts, both major causes of blindness. It also contains a lot of soluble fiber (diabetes, heart disorders) and insoluble (colon cancer, constipation and diverticulitis). It is also rich in copper, vital for the growth of children, strengthens bones and develops the brain and the immune system.

    As if that weren’t enough, it also controls blood pressure, controls heart activity, and maintains fluid balance. It is also rich in magnesium which helps bone formation.

    Pure Collagen

    Kiwi is recognized among other fruits for having a high content of vitamin E, one of the properties that makes it more coveted for being an excellent natural stimulator of collagen and rejuvenating the skin.

    Additional data

    For the conservation of the fruits in a fresh state, it is required to subject them to a temperature around 0 ° C, with relative humidity of 90-95%, supplemented with controlled atmospheres or other technologies. The 1-methylcyclopropene favors the preservation of the firmness of the fruit, whether the treatment is carried out before the introduction in the cold chamber, or it is carried out during the conservation period. This is because kiwi is very sensitive to the presence of ethylene, and 1-methylcyclopropene inhibits the perception of ethylene by the fruit.

    In cold areas, the life of these fruits can last between three and five months, depending on the varieties grown. In the case of using controlled atmospheres, oxygen levels of 1-2% and CO2 levels of 3-5% are recommended.

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