Artificial Intelligence, Good or Bad for the World?

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    There is so much talk about new technologies, the famous new era, with great alternatives to advance more and more.

    You hear about mechanisms that are part of Artificial Intelligence, physically or digitally, all in charge of well prepared professionals from around the world.

    Wait; is it all fantasy or reality? And if everything is true, is it good or bad for the world?

    The threat, according to the World Economic Forum, is that technology such as artificial intelligence will drive significant automation that will reduce a large number of jobs in the coming years.

    Dell Technologies and the Institute For The Future (IFTF), explained that it has not been a secret for anyone, that the work between human beings and the machine has been done for many years. At present, the transformation is evident giving way to another stage, which will culminate with a closer work, with greater efficiency, unity and with the creation of new jobs that do not exist today (85%), this, they predict will happen in 2030.

    It is worth noting that a few decades ago … the arrival of the internet also generated concerns like those of today.

    Beyond all, technology is increasingly achieving in its wake, creating millions of jobs, thus becoming an important engine of world economies, all this, affirmed by experts.

    Now, a study carried out by the firm PwC, by 2030 Artificial Intelligence will generate an estimated increase of 15.7 billion dollars, or a 26% increase in world GDP, which would be more than the combined GDP of China and India.

    How awesome is Artificial Intelligence?

    It seems like a dream, but it is real! Artificial Intelligence is reflected in a pioneering “smart data” project, which revealed the rise of Madrid’s natural spaces such as the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, already rated 9.2 out of ten on the internet.

    Specialists on the subject emphasize that Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has impacted all industries and, in recent months, has become the greatest ally to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

    Those who make up Technology and Innovation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), assure that AI has served to detect the virus, as well as accelerate research to find a vaccine or drugs.

    Artificial Intelligence can be called an ally in these times, because it can help governments overcome important challenges such as the covid-19 crisis, designing tools and therefore putting them into practice in economic recovery.

    There are innumerable benefits that Artificial Intelligence brings, always without blinding or trusting us, the concerns will continue to be present on the labor issue and much more before the world scenario experienced in this year 2020.

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