Doctors Alert that Early Cancer Diagnosis Decreased 40% Due to COVID-19 Confinement

    Advocates warn about the negative consequences this situation brings to cancer patients

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    Health groups that fight against cancer alert the population not to stop their routine check-ups and to observe and consult with health professionals about abnormal situations in their bodies. It is important not to wait for COVID-19 to be controlled for contacting your doctor as soon as possible and have routine checkups.

    The confinement by COVID-19 has meant that patients diagnosed with cancer have seen their consultations or the continuity of their treatments affected. In some cases, screening services were interrupted, causing delays in diagnoses, treatments, and an eventual complication of their condition.

    Cancer does not stop

    Cancer has not stopped during the Pandemic. In 2020, the situation caused by COVID-19 caused a drop of approximately 40% in cancer patients diagnosed globally, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

    This was also determined by a study that measured cancer diagnosis rates during confinement, which highlighted that any interruption in the route of cancer care can be detrimental to the lives of patients, so it is essential that people remain in cancer care.

    Organizations alert

    ABC Global Alliance, Global Colon Cancer Association, International Kidney Cancer Coalition, Lung Cancer Europe, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition and World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition are some of the institutions that have made the alert to the public.

    For example, in the UK, there were more than 2 million cancer screenings postponed in the first 10 weeks of the Pandemic alone, and in the US, breast and colorectal cancer screening decreased by roughly by 80% in 2020.

    Prevalent malady

    “Cancer continues to be one of the greatest challenges for health systems in the world and there is an immediate need to support patients so that they are diagnosed and treated in a timely manner by their doctors and health centers. Always within the framework of the health protocols established by the authorities for the management of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    “This is an important call to support public-private efforts that seek to avoid a decline in the quality of life of cancer patients. That is why we have created this initiative together with patient organizations around the world, which seeks to reduce the impact of an interruption in the care of cancer patients”, commented Gustavo Guillén, from AstraZeneca Central America.

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