Keys to Promote ICT Careers from Early Age

    It is an area of high labor demand where there is a great shortage of talent and, therefore, multiple opportunities

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    Promoting Information and Communication Technology careers for girls and young women brings many benefits to society in terms of contributing to gender equality and opportunities in an area where there is also a shortage of talent. The ICT sector is the one with the highest absorption capacity for professionals and is one of those that pay the best. Precisely, by 2050, it is estimated that 75% of jobs will be related to STEM areas, according to UN Women.

    “At ManpowerGroup, a global leader in human talent solutions and an expert in the entire labor cycle, we consider it important to promote, open opportunities and bring more women to this sector. Our latest Continuous Employment Survey indicates that this is one of the areas that faces the greatest shortage of talent in the world, where 73% of organizations indicated that they have difficulties finding staff in this area”, said Estefany Quesada, IT Recruiter coordinator from Manpower Group.

    In order to promote these careers, the expert recommends:

    Inspire with female references- It has been shown that girls who have female references in the scientific field will show a greater interest in ICTs.

    Encourage experiential learning- Foster science and technology learning environments that encourage curiosity and experimentation.

    Enroll them in workshops from an early age- Generate interest through real experiences that they will live in training workshops and science clubs.

    Support from the academy- Look for options that universities offer such as tours to see the campus, workshops they give, and even scholarships.

    “From an early age we must encourage access to careers or occupations that are traditionally held by men. At ManpowerGroup we consider it necessary to invest in training so that there is more involvement of women in ICT areas, and thus we collaborate to reduce the gender gap in this area of great demand”, concluded Quesada.

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