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    The variety of beautiful places located in Costa Rica, allow to draw a landscape full of magic and charm throughout its territory. As is the small and charming town of Jaco that represent another of the most fabulous charms that our country has.

    On the outskirts of Puntarenas this small tourist locality that is on the Central Pacific Coast,  has an endless number of tourist activities that you can do when  visiting. And if you are a beach lover and surfing, you can count on the beaches of Jaco since they offer some great spots for these activities.

    National Parks

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    One of the tourist attractions of Jaco are the parks, ideal to enjoy if you are taking a family trip to explore and learn a little more about the flora, fauna and its exuberant tropical jungle that are within them.

    In Jaco we can find a diversity of places that will leave us enchanted and in love. If we go south of Jaco we can get the Carrara National Park and the Rainforest Adventure Theme Park.

    Carrara National Park is recognized and highly admired by both tourists and locals for its exuberant fauna and dense rainforest that leaves all visitors in awe. The Ranforest Adventure Theme Park was named for its attractions and its contribution to the sustainability of the area.

    Both are ideal to enjoy if you are taking a family trip to explore and learn a little more about the flora, fauna and its exuberant tropical jungle that are within them. And if you have already taken your stroll through the parks of Jaco, being attracted by the beautiful nature that exists in them. It is time to get ready to visit on a very sunny day the beaches of Jaco which you will also fall in love with its landscapes.

    The Beaches

    In the town we can recommend two exquisite beaches such as Playa Hermosa and Bahía de Herradura. Playa Hermosa has amazing waters for sport fishing, surfing and unforgettable diving in a friendly climate to practice each of those activities in the sea.

    For surfers, Playa Hermosa attracts them all. For the original surfer who still draws a loyal crowd for the sport Jaco has more recently become the ideal center of the party near the sea.

    It is also the place for athletes with intermediate knowledge, since it offers challenging waves, however, it is usually crowded with surfers looking for perfect tunnels. This beautiful beach is also considered a National Wildlife Refuge because it is a very important protection area for flora and fauna.

    Herradura Bay

    Herradura Bay is a unique paradise, its sparkling waters and black sand beaches are perfectly lined with palm trees where travelers can escape in a tropical trance. This place of paradise is becoming a popular tourist destination, as there are Canopy tours and national parks nearby for those looking to explore the best places in Bahía de Herradura.
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