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    The Costa Rica News is happy to announce the addition of Anita Verma to our writing staff! Ms. Verma has a passion for exotic cultures, sports, legal/political issues and the beach lifestyle. Ms. Verma obtained a degree in Political Science and went to law school in Australia. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Anita enjoys staying active by playing beach volleyball, tennis and running races. Ms. Verma enjoys learning the Spanish language, culture and music. She enjoys exploring the beautiful beaches the world has to offer and looks forward to visiting Costa Rica. Welcome Anita!

    by Anita Verma – Staff Writer

    What better way to start this first article than introducing the coverage of the FIFA World Cup. Today, the FIFA World Cup 2010 kicked off in South Africa! Having been there I can tell you the culture and spirit of the South African people truly make this place beautiful. Soccer fans around the globe have been awaiting the games to start. In preparation for them, fans have been showing off team jerseys and flags in support of their favourite countries. Bars and restaurants throughout the world have accommodated to their patrons by showing around-the-clock games. The opening ceremonies kicked off with Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys and John Legend. The first match is between South Africa and Mexico followed by Uruguay and France.

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