International Trade Expected to Increase in Costa Rica

Mere minutes after stepping foot in Costa Rica you’ll understand why this colorful country is one of the world’s leading exporters of tropical fruits all year long. Many believe that the bananas that grow in Costa Rica are naturally more ripe and delicious, but there are also complications that come with being a produce exporter. The online degree in political science holders sees the scheduled meeting between President Luis Guillermo Solis and Chinese Prime Minister Yi as a sign that the export business in Costa Rica is set to expand. China is home to well over a billion residents, with many of them having an affinity for fresh fruit. Costa Rica also exports and manufactures machinery and electronics, so a deal with China could amount to great things for the country.

Expanding Beyond Fruit and Vegetables

Much of Costa Rica is covered in lush greenery. The soil is fertile and the abundance of food and animals makes it simple for locals to find sustenance. On the other hand, Costa Rica is a developing nation that doesn’t have most of the simple pleasures that other countries are used to. Fruit and vegetable exports are generally loaded onto ships, bound for places that aren’t far away, such as Mexico and the U.S. A three-day voyage from Costa Rica to China could result in a smaller payout for exporters if the shipment isn’t kept fresh. A bigger interest in manufacturing and exporting goods that don’t have a nearby expiration date is expected to help Costa Rica become a bigger exporter.

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International Businesses Moving In

Tourism has long been a big money maker for the Costa Rican government. Resorts, hotels, and entire restaurants are dedicated to keeping tourists happy and returning to this Central American country. As a result, some businesses have decided to come and set down roots there. It is very inexpensive to run a company in Costa Rica as opposed to San Francisco. These international businesses are also bringing extra money into the country, and if they export goods they can help native Costa Ricans to form more favorable trade agreements.

The Trade Route Costa Rica Exporters Take

As of now, fruit and vegetables are the main staple crop of Costa Rican citizens. Those with access to ships can keep their businesses running all year long rather than waiting for crops to mature. Professionals with an online masters degree in political science have established that Costa Rican officials need to begin analyzing their international trade agreements. Exporting timber and food is well and good but more citizens need a stable income that isn’t based on the yield of their crops.

Costa Rica is close to South America, just south of North America, and only a ship ride away from several other huge continents. Whether the country should invest in bigger, faster ships or more varied exports is a matter of political concern. The good news is that political powers such as China are happy to sit down and have a conversation about the future of exports in Costa Rica.

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