Improve significantly your Health with these simple changes in your Everyday Life

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    Staying active, resting well and eating healthy are part of the recommendations provided by experts to gain mental and physical health

    Self-care is an activity learned to maintain personal and collective well-being; it is characterized by self-esteem, autonomy, among other aspects. Given the current context of Pandemic and confinement, it is necessary to resume this habit, in order to improve mental health.

    For the clinical psychologists, mental health is more than the absence of problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. “It is a state of integral well-being that entails changes in habits and lifestyles for its long-term maintenance,” said the expert.

    Ten habits to gain physical and mental health

    It is necessary for Costa Ricans to acquire habits to gain mental and physical health. For this reason, specialists provide 10 basic recommendations to achieve it:

    Stay active: Do not lie down or sit for long periods.

    Get a good rest: It is important to give yourself the opportunity to sleep pleasantly.

    Eating healthy: Varied and natural foods, rich in colors and fiber, should be offered to the body.

    Make a social life: Conversations on WhatsApp, Teams or Zoom are convenient in times of Pandemic.

    Family fun at home: Board games are great allies for mental health.

    Communicate with others: It is good to share with people you trust your feelings, anxieties and thoughts.
    Manage your thoughts: It is recommended to dream big, think positive and imagine a walk through favorite places.

    Set goals: It is a good time to finish school and learn new things like driving or cooking.

    Breath deeply: Allowing the air to flow around you and the sun’s rays to warm us is good, as is breathing deeply at all times.

    Ask for help: There will always be someone willing to offer advice and make life look differently.

    Well-being depends largely on ties with the family
    According to experts, it must be recognized that much of the stability and well-being of people depends on the internal bond with the family nucleus, which is why it is necessary to foster those relationships.

    Defined roles in the family, limits, affection, respect and communication are vital for the safety and trust of the members. There are no ideal families, but we can build and rebuild healthy relationships that help to cope with difficult moments, as well as to resolve critical events that will always arise. Positive integration of children, adolescents, and older adults in a family are decisive for carrying out actions that go into everyday life.

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