ICT and Wondermore Invite You to Rediscover Costa Rica in the First Tica Series for IMAX

    A different, more humane perspective of tourism that motivates you touring Costa Rica

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    Starting on May 1st, we are going to “turistear” from a different perspective at Nova Cinemas with the launch of the series “Una Mirada Hacia Adentro” (A Look Inside) that invites us to appreciate: “The Same Country, With New Eyes” and Rediscover Costa Rica.

    This production was conceived as a sensory experience made up of five episodes recorded during the Pandemic that highlights the values of various tourist destinations in five ecosystems and five communities in our country. This Tica series was selected for the London Mountain Film 2021 and the Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021.

    Everything changed as of March 2020

    An unexpected Pandemic began and confinement was present in Costa Rica. This situation created an opportunity to rediscover our country with another meaning, through the production of a series of episodes that document the values and some human needs in five tourist destinations of our country, all this in the production entitled: “A Look Inside” … Same country, with new eyes.

    Precisely “Una Mirada Hacia Adentro” is the first Tica series in IMAX that highlights innovation, entrepreneurship and tourism. It consists of five episodes, it is the proposal of the producer Wondermore to innovate in national tourism with an emotional narrative, to provide a different identity to some communities summarized in five trips, focused on the exploration of five human needs, represented in five different destinations. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long and explores a human emotion, an ecosystem, and a community:
    Episode 1: Monteverde – Community.
    Episode 2: South Caribbean – Empathy.
    Episode 3: Chirripó – Resilience.
    Episode 4: Golfo Dulce – Freedom.
    Episode 5: Nosara – Awe.

    Expressing the importance of community life and tourism

    According to Carolina Trejos, ICT Marketing Director, this is a project that expresses the value and importance of community life and its work in the development of tourism throughout the country.

    “We want all those who enjoy this production to identify themselves with a different perspective of tourism from a more human perspective and that it finally motivates them to tour Costa Rica and enjoy our country, collaborating with the gradual reactivation, without neglecting the strict compliance with health protocols, but seeking an approach with unique experiences in search of what is truly essential” she said.

    A logistical challenge

    “Una Mirada Hacia Adentro” was produced and starred by the married couple Sebastián Castro Sasso and Christine Raine. The filming of the series had great logistical challenges due to the Pandemic and the rainy season. From a broken foot in the middle of Chirripó National Park, to the unexpected crossing of rivers during hurricane ETA. “The filming would not have been possible without the generosity of the small tourism entrepreneurs who opened the door for us throughout the country,” said the couple.

    “With the privilege of having explored a large part of the world, this project served as a deep reflection of the beauty that this little piece of the planet holds. Not only did I re-fall in love with the country and its people, but I also found hope when I needed it most,” said Sebastián Castro.

    For Raine, the Pandemic brought them together in a collective pause that, while forced, invited them to reflect, to question, to appreciate freedom and life like never before. Due to the dificult process that she and her husband had been going through since the end of 2018, they felt as if the world had aligned in an act of solidarity with them. “Creating and reinventing ourselves was our medicine, our daring response to confinement and uncertainty. That “looking inward” refers not only to our borders, but also to our interior,” she added.

    Pure and human beauty that exists in this country

    For his part, Andrés Bronnimann, director of the series, commented: “Our intention was to make a series that would be a true representation of the pure and human beauty that exists in this country. It is an immersive journey around Costa Rica on an IMAX screen, which takes the audience to experience a mixture of stories, sensations, and unique places”.

    What will we see?

    The viewer will have the opportunity to reflect on the natural and human beauty of Costa Rica. For the ICT, it is an opportunity for both national and foreign tourists to find themselves in these and many other places in Costa Rica, it is a rediscovery of their own essence in times of Pandemic inspired by beautiful places that enable peace, light, health, fun, introspection, natural vibrations, balance and human quality.

    The ICT Marketing Director stressed that this is an invitation to the national tourist to go sightseeing, as promoted by our Let’s go sightseeing campaign, a brushstroke for the international traveler eager to know the beauties of Costa Rica.

    A special price was established for the functions as a gift or recognition to all the people who have gone out to tour responsibly, and have given a necessary boost to the communities. Also for those who have not been able to, experience Costa Rica in all its splendor.

    Competing in Canada

    In addition to the official premiere at the beginning of May in theaters that have the monumental IMAX format, the producers also confirmed the participation of the documentary series in prestigious festivals, the London Mountain Film Festival 2021, one of the most important mountaineering festivals in the world, as well as the Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021 in Canada, a renowned festival that takes place in the city of Toronto and focuses on the themes of social equity and female empowerment. This production has the support of Vamos a Turistear of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the Esencial Costa Rica country brand, Pozuelo and BAC Credomatic.

    Bio-Safety attendance protocols

    For the safety of those attending the functions in Nova Cinemas, the following protocols are followed:
    The employees have protective equipment.
    The facilities are frequently cleaned and disinfected using a nebulization process at the beginning of each day.
    You will be able to find the necessary implements to maintain adequate hygiene during your stay.
    It is recommended to buy tickets on the website: there you can select the seats respecting the distance.
    A cinema host will provide you with entry and stay instructions, as well as point out the location of the alcohol gel dispensers and take your temperature with a thermometer without having contact with you.
    The candy stores have divisions and demarcation on the floor to maintain distance in line; they also have a contactless payment system. Your order is prepared by someone other than the cashier.

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