Fireworks and Pets: Be very careful!

    Specially during this holiday season

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    How to take care of your pet on these dates

    In the Christmas season, the use of fireworks is a custom in various locations around the world, so Costa Rica does not escape from this ancient tradition, which is not entirely pleasant for our pets because of the strong noises makes them lose their orientation, feeling very nervous, desperately looking for some place to hide, to escape from what they fear.

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    When a sound is so loud, such as explosives, an alert system is triggered in animals and they begin to release adrenaline or catecholamines, which accelerates their heart rate, they become anxious, salivate more and in many cases even try escape.

    There are different drugs that work as tranquilizers, which is not entirely recommended since this can be risky, if not under the supervision of a veterinarian, since in some breeds this can cause negative side effects .

    However, there are some preventive measures that can be taken in order to avoid the suffering of pets during Christmas season parties:

    • Leave the animal in a place that is familiar, where there is no element with which it can hurt itself. You can also put some music to relax them.
    • Keep windows and blinds closed, which has two functions. Firstly, to prevent external noise from entering, and secondly, to prevent it from  accidentally jumping away.
    • Never leave them in open patios or terraces as they may be falling  debris.
    • Keep calm and convey security.
    • In our country, there are companies that are dedicated to the manufacture of fireworks that are typical of these dates, so always be extra careful.

    Here we bring you practical tips when handling any type of fireworks when there are pets around:

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    • Turn off the Christmas lights and extensions when your dog or cat is home alone.
    • Ensure a place for the fireworks display where the echo of the sound of explosives is weak.
    • Avoid that during the days of celebration, your pet approaches lanterns and candles that are lit.
    • Distract it with some special treat, so that while they enjoy it they will be distracted a little from what is happening around them.
    • Verify that their necklace is marked with your address, name and a telephone number that can be contacted in case of loss.
    • Do not leave it alone tied up in the garden of your house while these types of festivities are carried out so you will avoid any type of unwanted accident.
    • The Christmas gastronomy of Costa Rica is delicious but remember under no circumstances feed your pet with this food because you will cause direct damage to its gastrointestinal tract, remember that it does not know about festivities and for him it is truly indifferent if he eats his usual diet that day or a special dish.

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