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    SEO is the key for many people to reach your website

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    I already have my website and my social networks ready, but nobody sees me. What am I doing wrong? How can I position myself? The secret is in SEO, that is, in Search Engine Optimization, a tool that is responsible for optimizing the content of a website so that it responds to the searches generated by users in search engines such as Google or Bing.

    SEO will allow us to place our website in the first positions when a potential client or interested party places keywords in search engines that are related to our business, idea, personality or product.

    “That is why in an ideal world, all companies or ventures that have a digital footprint should invest in an SEO strategy that helps them position their brand organically,” says Carlos Flores from Extendo’s Digital Strategist.

    How to grow organically?

    Gain visibility in browsers, improve the brand image, increase organic traffic (without paying), achieve a greater number of conversions (actions that the user does within the website such as filling out a form to reserve a room or buy a product, download a file or clicking on a WhatsApp number), and saving on advertising campaigns are some of the benefits when a good SEO strategy is carried out.

    The brand will be able to generate greater credibility and engagement with the client, improve the usability and performance of its website and remain relevant on the internet, but mainly be found easily, Flores emphasized.

    Other benefits

    Implementing a good SEO strategy results in you ranking in better positions within search engines. This gives more positioning and brand awareness to Internet browsing users. Undoubtedly this means more organic traffic to the site, which will be an opportunity to nurture new business relationships with customers that were not had before.

    Having an SEO strategy will provide more qualified traffic to our company’s site, this because the content created will be designed to respond to the needs and searches that users related to the brand are doing.

    SEO is a long-term strategy. It can take 6 to 12 months to achieve optimal positioning. However, just as it takes time to improve rankings, it also takes time to decline. Once the site is in the first positions, it is difficult for it to go down. The only reason for this to change is because of increased SEO competition or changes to Google’s algorithm.

    What is needed to achieve SEO positioning?

    – Ensure that the site is accessible to Google crawlers.

    – Make excellent use of titles, urls, and descriptions.

    – Have good speed, that is mobile friendly and that ensures a great user experience.

    – Share valuable content.

    – Include optimized images: Not only low weight images for fast loading, but also images with ALT tags for easy tracking.

    – Use keywords that are optimized and related to users’ search intentions.

    – Optimize local SEO to position yourself in geography or “near me” searches.

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