How Did the Consumption of Series and Movies Evolve in the Last Year?

    The impact of social isolation is evident when comparing subscriber growth

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    Television consumption and internet traffic give us an idea of the time and intensity with which we dedicate ourselves to these technological platforms”, says Terri Thrush, Panamanian film producer.

    Many things have changed in the last year and among them is the consumption of movies and television series. Social isolation limited the possibilities, but diversified the media we choose to enjoy our favorite content. The cell phone, video consoles, computer and streaming platforms became the best option to enjoy from home.

    In the case of Netflix, the platform gained 2.2 million subscribers between July and September 2020, reaching 195.2 million users worldwide. The impact of social isolation is evident when comparing subscriber growth in the first six months of 2020, when 26 million people joined the platform, while in 2019 the growth was 12 million.

    Meanwhile, other platforms such as YouTube and Amazon also increased the number of subscribers and even had to reduce the video quality in some regions to continue providing the service worldwide. For its part, Disney + added just over 60 million subscribers in its first six months on the market.

    Social isolation made streaming the center of entertainment

    A latest analysis by Nielsen in the United States highlights that people between 35 and 54 years increased by 27% the time they dedicate to television media consumption, in people over 55 the percentage was similar, 26%.

    According to Capital Group analysis, approximately one third of content consumption is currently done through streaming platforms and it is believed that by 2030 the percentage will reach 80%. Television continues to occupy a predominant place in people’s leisure time, but it is changing very fast.

    According to data from Smartme Analytics, in Europe, for example, streaming has a penetration of almost 50% on the web and 42% among mobile applications. Netflix ranks first with 64.4% penetration, Amazon Prime with 32%, Movistar + with 12%, HBO with 10.5% and Disney + with 10%.

    “When we talk about streaming, we must also include live events, be they corporate, sporting or musical. Podcasts are listened to by 54 million people in the world, through the Spotify platform, their consumption increased by 69% in the last year ”, comments Terri Thrush.

    Despite the fact that streaming gained strength in 2020, experts believe that this trend will continue and increase as time progresses, considering the emergence of new platforms, innovative content and the ability to choose what we want and managing our time.

     Who is Terri Thrush?

    Terri Thrush is a freelance director, producer, and screenwriter who began her career in Los Angeles, California, where she worked on dozens of Hollywood movies and television series from 1998 to 2017. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree with an emphasis in the Film and TV Business of the American Film Institute.

    Her filmography includes works that have been selected and awarded in international film festivals as a producer, among them “La Llorona del Río” (2000), as a director “Caminando Sin Zapatos” (2004), winner of the Best Latin Short Film Award 2000- 2005 in different Film Festivals such as the Havana Film Festival, Vienna International Short Film Festival, New York Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, Chicago International Latino Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and also received awards from the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, “NALIP”. He has also received an Emmy Award for the documentary project “No Más” about Roberto Durán versus Sugar Ray Leonard.

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