Homemade Natural Energy Bars

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    Making homemade energy bars is a very healthy alternative for those who want to recharge their organism. The vast majority of market bars contain preservatives and other additives. Therefore, the best way to take care of your health without damaging it is to use quality ingredients to your recipes.

    What are energy bars?

    Energy bars are made from cereals and provide a dose of energy due to their high carbohydrate content such as nuts and fruits. In addition, they are a perfect solution for the moments that the appetite enters at any time, since you can take them in your backpack or bag thanks to their ideal size.

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    One of the great advantages of making energy bars at home is that you can prepare them to your liking, adding the ingredient you like the most. Some options are honey, yogurt, butter, etc.

    Now we show you several recipes and ways to perform energy bars at home, baked or microwave.

    Baked energy bars

    Prepare the following ingredients:

    • ½ cup of almonds

    • ½ cup of nuts

    • Half cup of raisins

    • 2 cups of oat flakes

    • 2 cups of wheat flakes

    • 1 cup of rye flakes

    • 200 grams of honey


    • The first step is to cut in small pieces the nuts without crushing because otherwise they are designed.

    • Then, in the same bowl, mix cereals and nuts

    • Add the honey slightly and remove everything until you get a definite paste.

    • Take a special paper to bake and place it in a mold or in a baking sheet. Then, extend the dough and give it rectangular and smoothing.

    • Put the tray in the oven at 160º degrees about 25 minutes. Check from time to time how it is baking, since the content should not be too hard.

    • When time has elapsed, take the tray out of the oven and wait for the dough to be cold and ready! You can already cut the energy bars for the size you prefer.

    Microwave energy bars

    Use the following ingredients:

    • 40 grams of butter

    • 20 grams of brown sugar

    • 120 grams of oatmeal

    • 40 grams of almonds

    • 100 grams of black chocolate (to melt)


    • First, crush the almonds and mix the almonds, oats and sugar into a bowl.

    • Subsequently, you can undo the butter in the pan, in the microwave or in the water bath. Choose the method you prefer.

    • Then add the butter to the ingredients that you have placed in the bowl previously and mix everything to get a consistent mass.

    • Place the result of the dough on a microwave suitable tray. Alisa the dough and give it rectangular.

    • Bake the dough almost 3 minutes in the microwave at maximum power.

    • When time has passed, take out the dough and let it cool.

    • Then, melt the chocolate and check it on the mass of the energy bars.

    • Once the dough and chocolate have cooled, you can already cut the energy bars for the size you like.

    As you have seen, there are 3 groups of ingredients that you should include in your bars recipe: cereals, nuts or fruit, and another liquid ingredient such as honey, chocolate or yogurt.

    Creativity is infinite! You can mix all the foods you can think of such as oatmeal and banana, add any liquid food that occurs to you and fly your imagination.


    The dough should not be sticky in excess, just a little to take a little with your hand. If it has not been sticky, you can add more nuts or samples. If the dough is very dry and it is not possible to achieve a compact set, you can add water or oil and mix again until it is homogeneous. A trick to place the dough in the oven tray is to grease it with a pinch of oil so that it does not stick to the container.

    Now that you know how to prepare some energy bars at home, it is time to get to work and manufacture your own natural, rich and energy snack for your long bicycle excursions, your gym sessions or go for a walk.

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