HIIT Training Lowers High Triglyceride Mortality Rate

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    Elevated blood triglycerides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke (silent premature death). Also, high triglycerides are often a marker for other lipid problems.

    For example, people with high triglycerides are more likely to have small, dense particles of LDL cholesterol, the kind linked to cardiovascular disease, as well as low levels of HDL cholesterol, the “good” kind correlated with a lower risk of heart disease. Also, circulating triglycerides are often high in people who have insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.

    Furthermore, there is an association between elevated triglyceride levels and an increased risk of all-cause mortality. Indeed, they were found to have similar predictive power for cerebrovascular disease and all-cause mortality. “Triglycerides have risk factors, it is worth noting that infertility and sterility can even occur in both men and women. The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine, among others, recommend a minimum of 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week along with 75 minutes of moderate- and low-intensity exercise in cardiovascular exercise, in addition to the incorporation of muscular strength exercises for looking for an impact on the health of lipid values ​​pointed out Nicolás Zúñiga, personal trainer at Multispa.

    Which training method is more efficient?

    According to some research, high-intensity interval training has the advantage. “Understand HIIT as high intensity intervals: maximum effort and like running 100 meters and recoveries like walking 100 meters or effort and recovery time. We at Multispa have a large amount of equipment such as air bikes, air rowers, speed bands, a wide variety of technological equipment to perform HIITs safely and without impact to be able to monitor training for both beginners, intermediate and advanced ” Zuniga noted.

    In one study, participants did moderate-intensity exercise that involved cycling at 50% aerobic capacity for 60 minutes. Another group did high-intensity training. It consisted of alternating 2-minute exercise intervals at 90% aerobic capacity followed by 2 minutes of recovery exercise at 25% aerobic capacity.

    The results

    High-intensity exercise was more effective than continuous moderate-intensity training in reducing post-meal triglyceride rise and maximizing post-meal fat oxidation. Therefore, increasing the intensity of your workouts on occasion can give you a head start in lowering your triglycerides.

    How to reduce triglycerides?

    In order to reduce triglycerides, these factors are of key importance:

    • HIIT interval exercise

    • Limit alcohol consumption

    • Limit consumption of foods that are high in saturated fat.

    • Limit refined carbohydrates and added sugar

    • Add more omega-3 to your diet from sources such as fish

    • Increase vegetables rich in fiber

    • Maintain a minimum water consumption of 2 liters of water daily

    • Maintain a healthy weight based on Body Mass Index (BMI) values.

    • Sleep 6 to 8 daily

    • Promote more time moving and less sitting

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