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    It is uncomfortable to talk to a person who has bad breath, and who normally cannot perceive it, to such a point that he or she is the last one to come about of having the illness. The oral odor can be fleeting, temporary, chronic or permanent, depending on the origin.

    Halitosis can be defined as the bad odor that comes out of the mouth, caused by the bacterial decomposition of the particles of breath, blood, and saliva, which is generated in the mouth, and that is degenerating. It can affect the social, affectional, and labor life of those who suffer it by causing, in some cases, to lose confidence in themselves.

    Bad odor expression
    Bad odor expression

    Multiple reasons

     It is normal to wake up with bad breath, but this cannot be defined as halitosis. It is given this name when the smell persists even after brushing and is usually due to a mouth, nasal or pharyngeal disease or poor hygiene. The problem is intensified with stress disorders, sinuses, mouth sores, tooth decay, and infections of the gums and teeth.

    Inadequate hygiene

    If after eating you do not have the opportunity to brush your teeth and remove the remains of food in your mouth, it starts to decompose and produce gingival inflammation, creating pockets between the gums and the teeth thus trapping the bacteria


    Whether it is installed in the gums, in the tonsils or in the adenoids, bad breath will be present as soon as the infection develops.


    It occurs when you have suffered chronic infectious episodes in the throat. The crypts are small superficial holes in the tissue of the tonsils. They are easy to observe when opening the mouth and in them, you can see the remains of food. They can be avoided by practicing gargling every day after finishing brushing your teeth.

    If this is not enough, the person should go to a doctor to have the tonsils removed. It is a simple surgical procedure. At first, after the operation, it might be a little uncomfortable for the person, especially at lunchtime. But this can be a permanent solution to your halitosis problem.


    Saliva serves as a cleaning substance, and having a dry mouth produces halitosis. Normally the mouth is dry when people talk for a long time, ideally for these people would be to have a bottle of water nearby to avoid the dryness and thus prevent the bad smell that is due to the lack of saliva when talking.

    Sudden halitosis
    Sudden halitosis

    Halitosis can also be produced when the salivary glands are not producing saliva due to the taking of medications that stick directly to the stomach or throat. Due to the lack of up to date information on the subject, the myth persists that bad breath comes mainly from the stomach.

    However, several studies have shown the contrary, defining the true causes and therefore developing several ways to avoid and control this problem.

    The desired solution

    Hygiene is paramount. Brush your teeth after every meal, use dental floss and clean your tongue thoroughly with a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner, as well as every corner of your mouth. All this will help keep your mouth clean and prevent the accumulation of food waste. Mouthwashes are a good complement to oral hygiene and will help us to keep our mouths a lot cleaner by helping to reduce bad odor, as long as its components are effective in bacterial control.

    Dental floss
    Dental floss

    Visit your dentist regularly. If you consider that your hygiene routine is appropriate and the bad smell persists, visit your dentist. He will be able to detect the origin, but you must be explicit and tell him the reason for the consultation so that he can make a precise revision.

    There are countless reasons why we must teach our children to maintain an adequate oral hygiene because this is the first step for achieving an overall good health. Just a few simple steps are needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. You should also be aware of the food that you eat, also keeping in mind that smoking and drinking coffee can often cause bad breath.

    Take into account these simple recommendations into your daily routine, this way you will always have a sensational smile, causing positive reactions during all your day-to-day interactions with other people.

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