Cosmetic Surgery, Are You In For The Right Reasons?

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    The majority of people who consider cosmetic surgery either wish to look as young as they feel or desire to change something that has troubled them for a long time.

    To say that plastic surgery is the right choice for someone is an affirmation that should only come after serious soul searching and personal examination, both by the patient and the doctor, so as to better ensure the outcome is successful at every level.

    Regarding physical appearance, everyone is a candidate for anti-aging procedures, since no one can escape the effects of time on both skin and body.  Nevertheless, it is of vital importance for the doctor to determine if the person has healthy intentions and a stable emotional stance to make it through the procedure.

    The ideal cosmetic surgery candidate already has a healthy body image, but wishes to improve a specific feature; it is not their intention to change their entire body and mind.

    It may be hard for some people to acknowledge this, but there is a fine line between a wish for self-improvement through plastic surgery and an arrogant and unhealthy fixation with looks.

    For some individuals, their appearance dictates their self-esteem, and this might be why cosmetic surgery has often been called “surgery of the soul”.  After all, who doesn’t feel more confident after improving their looks?

    Plastic surgery may be the only answer for children, and many grown-ups too, who wish to find peace from teasing like being called “Dumbo”¾because of large ears¾ or “Pinocchio”¾because of a big nose.  Nevertheless, someone who has an intense level of dissatisfaction with their body does not make a good candidate for cosmetic surgery because the results may not make them feel better about themselves no matter how much surgery they get.

    Likewise, thinking that plastic surgery can save your marriage or get you that dream job, think twice… cosmetic surgery is not the answer.   Reasons like these for getting cosmetic surgery are both wrong-headed and often lead to unsatisfied patients.

    Even though all of us want to look good and each of us has different priorities in regards to looks, the desire to achieve physical “perfection” has become a national obsession as much as a feature of someone’s character.

    How many billions of dollars do you think are spent in cosmetics, hair care, exercise, clothing, dieting, and spa treatments yearly?  Of that number, cosmetic surgery represents just a fraction of the expenses regarding physical looks.

    Many people frequently credit their success and strong feelings of self-worth to their looks, and it may be true, because many aspects of life such as education, employment, health, romance, and even legal actions, are influenced by how one looks. Often, the motivation for getting plastic surgery is influenced by a big life change; as a result, cosmetic surgical procedures have increased radically every year.

    In recent years, cosmetic surgeons have spent much time and effort to better understand their patients’ true motivations for surgery.  The surgeons perform in-depth consultations and employ resources such as educational brochures and cosmetic mockups in an attempt to ensure that patients are making the right decision for the right reasons.

    A highly valuable resource for patients is talking and meeting with people who share their physical characteristics and have already undergone the desired procedure.  This allows the candidate to see the results and better understand what the experience can offer.

    Moreover, the most important thing to remember when considering plastic surgery is that the procedure is about improvement and not about achieving physical perfection.  While these procedures can improve your looks and self-confidence, they are not the solution for deep seeded social or emotional issues.

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