Guide To Achieving Environmental Goals in Costa Rica is Available Free of Charge for Companies

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    With the aim of promoting companies more committed to the environment and the achievement of a series of goals for sustainable development, the Alliance for Climate Action (AAC) made available to all interested parties an “Experience Guide” on adaptation and mitigation to climate change.The idea is to demonstrate that economic growth is not alien to climate action.

    The guide presented responds to the interest of the Alliance for Climate Action (ACC) to share and disseminate the experiences of actors linked and committed to the country’s efforts to achieve the decarbonization of the economy and climate resilience.Those interested can download the document on the page

    Actions and success stories

    “The guide offers various actions and success stories as a form of recognition for those companies and organizations that are committed to climate responsibility and that, far from compromising the productive vision, strengthens the perspectives of sustainability, risk identification and management, competitiveness and social responsibility” commented Fernando Mora Rodríguez, Director of Environmental Projects of Fundación ALIARSE.

    And it is that sustainable mobility, the efficient use of energy and water must be crucial to plan and finance projects towards a just, decarbonized and resilient transition.

    The alliance has the support of various partners where you can find organizations such as BAC Credomatic, Banco Nacional, the Chamber of Industries, CoopeAnde, Ebi, Intel, Pozuelo and PortafolioInmobiliario, as well as Uber.

    All the partners belong to the Carbon Neutrality Country Program, and participate in other national policies that seek that all actors adopt the climate challenge as their own.

    Efficient energy use

    “Both companies and people can start to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, through efficient energy use, connecting only what is in use, the use of emission-free transport such as bicycles, electric transport, walking short distances, and the consumption of local products: both suppliers and personal consumption”, commented Mora Rodríguez.

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