Get To Know Hidden Places in Costa Rica To Go Hiking

    Here are the best little-known hiking routes in Costa Rica to enjoy, support sustainable tourism and learn about the best hiking routes

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    In these times the temperature rises and there is nothing better than jumping into the water after a long hike. That is why we will have several options for walks that reach a waterfall.

    Here is the list with the most prominent sites:

    La Presa Waterfall

    Posas y Cascadas La Presa is a small family tourism business located in Río Cuarto de Alajuela. Two hours from San José this farm is located that offers natural beauties, adventure and hiking. There they offer bathrooms and parking and food service.

    The place has more than seven pools, which are special for bathing, perhaps to remember those old days when one went into the rivers. It is a familiar place, we have waterfalls, the last three are ten meters high. We also have an eight meter jump for those who like adrenaline, as well as a 30 meter long suspension bridge, a spiral staircase, a camping area and a tour of the dairy.

    Salto del Indio waterfall

    92 kilometers from the center of San José, about two hours by car, is a waterfall that few people know but whose journey is worth doing. The Salto del Indio Waterfall in San Miguel de Pursical has a waterfall of more than 150 meters, which falls due to the rock formation, by segments.

    However, to get to the river you have to enter private properties, so we recommend doing the tour with Finca Siempre Verde, an eco-tourism agency in the area that has the permits to access the properties.

    The walk is seven kilometers round trip, you walk along a public street, then pastures, you cross the Turbio River only once until you reach the top of the waterfall. The river is shallow and there is no danger.

    This is a recommended tour for everyone or people with some kind of walking experience. Depending on the condition of the group, it may take about 45 minutes or an hour to reach the waterfall.

    Rio Perdido

    Taking a tour either by MTB, running or walking through a sanctuary where a thermal river converges in a magical canyon, is the invitation of Río Perdido in Bagaces. This destination has just inaugurated new trails, through 25 kilometers of trails.

    Starting in December and during the summer months, these same trails delight with sunsets. All trails are GPS mapped and public GPX files are available for reference and trail backup. They also have accommodation in bungalows.

    Salto del Angel Waterfall

    This is a waterfall from Norse mythology, which is striking for the rock formation in columns and patterns, but which is a paradise for hiking in Costa Rica. It is the Salto del Ángel waterfall located in Sabalito de Coto Brus, 185 kilometers from San José, or about 5 hours.

    Discovering Coto Brus is a tourism agency in the area that offers packages to get to know this magical place. From the center of Sabalito, it is around 40 minutes to the point where the walk begins.

    Only 4×4 vehicles can enter this point. In total, there and back, it is about nine kilometers of walk to the waterfall and it has an intermediate difficulty. The round trip takes just over three hours.

    Las Cortinas Waterfall

    Like coming out of the lost island of Jurassic Park, in the Siquirres mountains is the Las Cortinas Waterfall, a waterfall of about 125 meters that draws attention since next to the great jet, there is a great curtain of water that falls like tears down a huge rock face, ideal for hiking in Costa Rica.

    There are two ways to enter: From the Bonilla school, recommended for simple or low cars. In this case, you will walk from 6 to 7 hours to the foot of the waterfall (there and back, 18km approx); or from the abandoned house, recommended for tall cars, preferably 4×4. In this case, you will walk 4 or 5 hours to the foot of the waterfall (round trip, approx 10km).

    El Congo Waterfall

    This is a natural paradise no more than 40 kilometers from San José, you must know the El Congo waterfall in Ujarrás de Cariblanco de Alajuela, near the La Paz Waterfalls in Vara Blanca.

    You must enter through Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour, a tourist site where you can discover the history of coffee, and get to know a set of three waterfalls that form El Congo, fed by the María Aguilar River.

    To get to this waterfall, you will have to walk one kilometer, most of it on a concrete path, but first you will be able to see a viewpoint with a view of the canyon. One of the peculiarities of this waterfall is that its pool resembles a natural infinity pool. They can also take the opportunity to observe an artificial lagoon and enjoy the view.

    Murcielago Islands

    Located in the extreme north of the Pacific coast, in front of the Santa Rosa National Park, in the sector of the Santa Elena Peninsula, is the Murcielago Islands, a paradise for those who enjoy a good sports and tourist experience.

    You must travel about an hour by boat to get to the site. The largest island has a path that runs through it in its entirety, from the park ranger’s house to some beautiful secret beaches on the North side of the Island.

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