Get Mesmerized at the ‘Whale’s Tail’ Formation In Costa Rica!

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    If you travel to Costa Rica, one of its most amazing natural attractions is the ‘Whale’s Tail’. But what exactly is this so-called ‘whale tail’?

    Amazing natural formation

    The Costa Rican whale tail is a natural formation created by rocks, sand, and sediments that, over time and ocean currents, have shaped this surprising and beautiful silhouette. At first glance, there are 2 bays divided by rocks, which give it this amazing shape.

    You do not need to get on a plane or fly a drone to appreciate it and also acquire the best photos. In the place there are several viewpoints from which it is possible to appreciate it when the tide goes out. It is also a place rich in natural life where you will fully enjoy various outdoor activities.

    What to do in the park where the whale tail is located?

    Humpback whale watching

    Thanks to the large extensions of the Marino BallenaNational Park, Costa Rica where the whale tail is located, you will find many things to do. It has a large extension that includes 110 hectares on the mainland, and more than 5,000 in the sea, where large areas of mangroves, beaches and coral reefs are located. This means that if you love ecotourism activities both on land and in the sea, you will find your paradise in it.

    The main attraction and living up to its name, is the sighting of humpback whales with a guided tour. You can also snorkel and dive in its wonderful reefs, rich in marine life. On its beaches you will enjoy perfect paradises for relaxation and rest, and for swimming in its calm sea for hours. Another activity that you are going to love is hiking through the jungle, where it is possible to observe birds and other species, such as raccoons, coatis and monkeys.

    The whale tail is located to the south of Costa Rica, in the Marino Ballena National Park, facing the Pacific Ocean. This natural attraction is only approximately 2 hours away by road from the city of San José.

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