Fundación Israel-Latin American Network Formally Begins Work in Costa Rica

    ILAN appointed Ms. Mónica Nágel as its CEO for Costa Rica

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    The Israel Latin-American Network (ILAN) Foundation, dedicated to detecting, landing, recognizing and promoting projects with social impact through innovation and strengthening of ties between Israel and Latin America, formally began its work in Costa Rica.

    The event was attended by Mr. Isaac Assa, creator and founder of ILAN, who exclusively visited Costa Rica (from his native Mexico) to detail the fundamental pillars of the work that ILAN will manage in our country.

    “We distinguish between an ordinary idea and an extraordinary idea. And observe trends and deeply understand the context. In addition, and very importantly: we bring institutions and allies closer to meet specific needs and facilitate the help of experts from Israel to promote the projects we select”, commented Mr. Isaac Assa, founder of ILAN.

    In addition, Mr. Assa detailed: “we contribute to extraordinary ideas being put into practice and evolving since we have a wide network of contacts, leaders and decision makers; in this way identify the opportunities”.

    Educate and strengthen the culture of innovation

    In addition, Ms. Mónica Nágel was formally presented at the event as CEO of ILAN Costa Rica, who commented: “Our purpose is to educate and strengthen the culture of innovation to solve great challenges, which is why we collaborate with universities, companies and associations, while, at the same time, organize personalized work agendas to promote each project, since we are convinced that success is achieved by sharing, collaborating and adding”.

    “It is an honor and a great opportunity that ILAN has also chosen Costa Rica as one of the countries where it will make a very cutting-edge, positive and highly beneficial mark,” added Nágel.

    The Key To A Better Quality Of Life

    The idea of ​​creating ILAN was born from the inspiration of a person who marked the life of Mr. Assa: the former president of Israel Shimon Peres, a man who (in the words of Mr. Assa) “had the clear vision that, through technology and innovation, it is possible to improve the lives of millions of people”.

    “I believe that we all have a responsibility that goes beyond our families and close groups and I believe that, instead of complaining, what really matters is acting,” added Mr. Assa.

    ILAN sees a Latin America with great challenges and, therefore, great opportunities for improvement in different sectors such as: health, education, social fabrics, infrastructure, agriculture and water, among others. Because of this, at ILAN they are sure that innovation will help people have greater opportunities and a dignified life, which, in parallel, will offer benefits to society, resulting in countries with more opportunities and balance.

    ILAN’s presentation event in Costa Rica had a large participation of people with vision and interested in collaborating with high-impact sustainability projects.

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