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    Laura Leff,

    More than likely, you’ve never had a passing thought about whether or not your lunch is making big bucks for a number of politicians. Maybe you should. Do you truly know what you are feeding your body? Quite possibly, it is the so called “food” that scientists have been creating in the 20th century by modifying and combining inexpensive ingredients.

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    The marketing for these man-made foods is a 35 billion dollar a year industry. Shocking! Why do they need to spend so much money on marketing food, something we all need for survival? Most of the marketing is geared towards “healthy foods,” so that is a good thing for our society, right?

    The reality is that the majority of these man-made foods are derived from soy and corn, which are the cheapest foods to produce. The government pays these farmers a nice buck for growing soy and corn on their land. Hey, they have to make a living some how, right? The farmers aren’t feeling a high demand for fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, so they resort to growing foods that make them money.

    Ever wonder if the food industry and the healthcare system have some correlation?

    Let’s review a typical American’s lifestyle, and now a number of other countries, including Costa Rica, in the 21st century. People work hard to keep up with the rat race, have hardly any time to think, much less prepare a good meal and sit down and enjoy it, and when they are hungry they reach for all the sweet, salty and crunchy stuff in boxes…yummy! Oh, but there is the occasional broccoli that they stir-fry and call it day, or a week, for their serving of greens. Most don’t take the time to exercise because they are so low on energy and all they want to do when they are off work is sit down and watch television, catching glimpses of all the “tasty” food advertisements as they zone-out. Discovering what new boxed food is now adding omega 3s to make it a healthy brain-food.

    Some people may not be this extreme, but we need a wake up call folks, we are all losing our health and our minds. We are the consumers – what we demand, we get.

    People born in the year 2000, in America, have a 1 in 3 chance of developing type 2 diabetes, and then once you are diabetic, you have an 80% chance of developing heart disease. No need to worry, if this happens, the healthcare industry will be there to keep you alive, even with heart disease. Although, the money you have to spend, might just kill you. The statistics are pretty high for how long these people are living. I just don’t know if they are really living, or if they are just breathing and going through the motions of a sick human being. Who wants to live a life full of taking medications and worrying about whether or not the medicinal cocktail will send you into cardiac arrest? We all need to learn that we have to take our health into our own hands, as opposed to leaving it in the hands of the medical field. Unfortunately, the reality is that these sick people are paying the salaries of all these big-wig politicians and doctors. Without sick people, where would all of their huge salaries come from?

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