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    Costa Rican Aviation not only fulfills your dream of flying, it also offers vocational and aeronautical guidance. Our country stands out in the world for various aspects; our culture has come to penetrate sharply beyond our borders.

    Photo by Roberto Gonzalez Saavedra

    The sentiment of the Costa Rican people is more alive than ever, giving strong examples to the whole world and proof of this is Igor Estevanovich, CEO of “Costa Rican Aviation”, our guest today; With whom, in addition, the reporter team of The Costa Rica News had the pleasure of talking to develop this pleasant interview.

    Youth in tune, a little more about Igor Estevanovich

    Estevanovich is an attentive and calm young man, also a dreamer; As additional information, it is appropriate to mention that he was very accessible when accepting this interview and precisely the conversation began turning in his young age because to the surprise of many and the example of others, the founder of this wonderful dream entitled Costa Rican Aviation is just 16 years old.

    Likewise, it is quite accurate to say that his passion for airplanes was inherited from his father, who always took him to see airplanes at the Juan Santamaría International Airport. Over the years he defines it as a passion that has grown.

    The Costa Rican Aviation Foundation dates back to February 2, 2019, it began as a simple page where Estevanovich took the photos according to his account from his own cell phone, also taking advantage of his visits to the Tobías Bolaños airport. Seeing all the opportunities to store aviation content, he wondered why not found an aviation page and thus this dream began to materialize.

    Main objective of this dream: Costa Rican Aviation

    At this specific point, what he most wants to make known through his project is the quality and service that exists in Costa Rica in terms of aviation since many people are unaware of this important aspect for us.

    Due to the global health situation that began to be experienced in 2020, its page has grown since the consumption of digital platforms has skyrocketed. Situation that has been a new window to continue promoting tourism, one of the most important aspects for our country. A wise mix for Costa Rican Aviation services.

    “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” Steve Jobs

    Focused on this motivating phrase by Steve Jobs and talking with the founder of Costa Rican Aviation, he himself is emphatic in feeling pleased to be leading this great project which he defines as an authentic mix that provides vocational and aeronautical orientation but also offers fun and entertainment to through practices such as charter and recreational flights as well as skydiving and acrobatic flights.

    Another of the main aspects that stand out as the north of this initiative is to seek to promote aviation at the national level in a professional and innovative way, always highlighting part of the main tourist attractions in Costa Rica, including the beautiful city of San José. On the other hand, he wants to help train professionals in the different branches of aviation.

    In tune with the “new normal”

    Today it is important to highlight and underline all the measures that must be taken into account in the face of the health situation that has been experienced throughout the world with the appearance and subsequent spread of COVID-19.

    That is why we could not stop addressing this issue with the CEO of Costa Rican Aviation, who was clear in mentioning that before starting any tours or activity with their company the most important thing is to carry out the protocol of the biosecurity measures in this case recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Likewise, knowing and enjoying Costa Rica from the heights is a truly unprecedented activity. Igor Estevanovich himself extends the invitation for you to explore the Costa Rican geography from the heights or why not, for more demanding experiences, try parachuting or the adrenaline developed in the so-called acrobatic flights.

    The invitation is to take a look at their Instagram social network @aviacion_costarricense where you can not only expand on other important information.
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