Careers that Will Have The Greatest Labor Demand in 2021

    These careers will have a broad placement market

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    When choosing a career, several elements intervene in the decision; The main one is the vocational part of the individual and, another very important aspect that must be considered today, is the labor demand that this career has.

    According to the latest results of the human capital demand survey, carried out by the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE), applied by a representative group of multinational companies operating in Costa Rica, ten university areas of high demand have been identified, by employers.

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    In the ranking of the 10 majors, the following stand out:

    Computer Systems Engineering

    Business Administration


    Industrial Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Electromechanical Engineering

    Advertising Design


    Economics career, with great future

    In the case of the Economics career, it is very important to highlight its versatility, since it has a wide labor potential in the national and international sphere, in the public or in the private, in organizations and / or investment departments; in banks, especially in their finance and risk management departments, in research and teaching, in consultancies and market studies, as well as in international organizations, among others.

    With the advent of Industry 4.0, economists will be able to perform in novel areas such as data science, forensic economics, Fintech hunters (Finance & Technology), market prediction and financial engineering.

    It is important to mention that the person interested in studying economics must also show interest in other careers in economics, such as business administration; must have math and calculus skills, good expression skills, social and political interests, and a personality with great social ability.

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