Five Former Presidents of Costa Rica Call for Action Against the Dictatorship in Venezuela

    Other international statesmen joined the initiative

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    Laura Chinchilla, Rafael Ángel Calderón, Óscar Arias, Luis Guillermo Solís and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez signed a declaration for the United States, Brazil and Mexico to take the necessary actions against the dictatorship in Venezuela. Another 20 former rulers joined the initiative, in order to guarantee that the presidential elections on July 28 are carried out in a free and transparent manner.

    Undemocratic and repressive regime

    They stressed that the exclusion of opposition candidates and the repressive actions of the Nicolás Maduro government undermine the integrity and transparency of the process as a whole.

    A month ago, a group of former Ibero-American presidents sent a letter to Joe Biden, president of the United States, to take more decisive actions and pressure the government of Nicolás Maduro to respect the Barbados agreements and guarantee a free and democratic election in Venezuela this year.

    Illegal disqualification 

    It is worth remembering that María Corina Machado, elected candidate in the opposition primary election, was disqualified by the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela from holding public office for 15 years, for alleged irregularities in an asset declaration.She has repeatedly denied the allegations and has described her disqualification as illegal.

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