First Gay Marriage Might Take Place in One or Two Weeks

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) –The first gay marriage in Costa Rica could take place in one or two weeks, assured the lawyer and president of the Diversity Movement, Marco Castillo, who is in charge of the cases of couples who claimed that right after the entry into force of the Ley de la Persona Joven. According to Castillo, he is in charge of three similar cases in Desamparados court, where they are been studied and might be resolved in one or two weeks.

    “The fact that there have been no problems in collecting and processing information makes us think we can expect a positive result”, said Castillo.

    On the other hand, yesterday the Constitutional Court  issued a verdict in response to a query made by a judge in Heredia regarding the application of the Ley de la Persona Joven, which acknowledges the social and economic effects of unions.

    “The Diversity Movement is very satisfied with the Court´s verdict, since it implies that there is no constitutional conflict, but it is a matter of legality. As such, it is the judge who must resolve how to apply the law, and since the law must be applied, the requests being processed in Heredia might be acknowledged as legitimate “, Castillo said.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

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