Express Your Spirituality: Be Part of Envision Festival 2017

    Envision Festival inspires people from all the world through art, spirituality, and movement

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    envision festival

    Every last week of February thousands of people come together to camp at Rancho La Merced near Uvita for the transformational festival Envision. The event is built by teams of volunteers and the organizers of Burning Man festival to model a tropical utopian community using the ideals of creativity, permaculture, sustainability, and eco-building. Transformational festivals are co-created by the participants to be safe, inclusive spaces where fear and societal conditioning can be overcome through spiritual expansion and social collectivity. The festival hosts some of the world’s best DJs and musical performance artists; headlining this year are Opiou, Autograf, and Raising Appalachia.

    What is special about Envision Festival?

    envision festival

    Envision incorporates yoga and workshops designed to liberate, heal, and empower. A diverse selection of vendors offer healthy, whole food and there are spaces where people can go for healing body and energy work. Envision is unique because it is a family-friendly event that centers around healthy lifestyles and communities, conscientious action, and creative expression.

    The Freedom of the Burning Man and Envision Festival

    envision festival

    Envision began as a small music festival held in Dominical and has since evolved into an event put on by the same people that created the Burning Man festival in Nevada’s, Black Rock Desert. Burning Man began in 1990 as a counterculture festival about radical inclusion, participation, and freedom of expression. Festivals like Burning Man or Envision feature world music, seminars, workshops, ceremonies, and installation art. They are called transformational because they are gatherings dedicated to awakening human potential and inspiring people through art, spirituality, movement, and education.

    The land where the event takes place (Rancho La Merced) is integral to the atmosphere created at the festival. The desert where Burning Man takes place is stark and absurd, complete with artful chaos amid sand storms and intense desert weather. This environment leads participants to be self-reliant and transform their lives by facing their fears and overcoming mental conditioning.

    Envision, in the lush jungle near the ocean, is a scene of peaceful cohabitation with nature and respectful acceptance of all beings no matter the cultural differences. Through the creation of a space far from the realities of everyday life, transformations are supposed to become possible in the form of self-realization. Through self-realization, people can experience unity and happiness and transcend the old systems that make up society.

    envision festival

    Get your tickets today and #ViveLaExperiencia

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