Executive Directive in Costa Rica Strengthens the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Public Sector

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    The President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, signed an executive directive that strengthens compliance with the regulations that establish the inclusion and labor protection of people with disabilities in the public sector.

    The guideline consists of 4 main actions:

    1. Issue an Institutional Policy for labor inclusion and protection of people with disabilities, within a maximum period of one month.

    2. Reserve vacancies in accordance with the study on this issue issued by the Specialized Commission on Employment and Disability.

    3. Give instructions to the Human Resources office on the execution of recruitment, selection, evaluation and hiring processes for people with disabilities.

    4. Report the results of the application of the guideline to the Technical Secretariat of the National Commission for the Employability and Work of Persons with Disabilities, as a deadline of March 31st, 2023.

    All autonomous and semi-autonomous institutions, state and non-state public entities, state and non-state public companies, as well as regulatory and supervisory entities that receive a budget from the Ministry of Finance, have to apply the regulations.

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Security will be the institution in charge of monitoring compliance with the labor rights of the people indicated in the guideline, since the Law regulates these contracts and has sanctions for institutions that appoint people without disabilities in positions such as these.

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