Efficient Management of Technological Resources Can Contribute to Our Planet

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    The use of renewable energies, water saving, waste treatment, and reforestation are some of the practices that are usually applied, and to which new strategies can be added that help reduce the environmental impact, such as Green IT or sustainable computing. This way of caring for the planet is based on a set of practices and methodologies that aim to efficiently use technology resources and infrastructures, ranging from a computer to complex equipment, such as a data center.

    According to specialists, one of the measures that would cause a greater positive impact on companies is how they make their purchasing decisions. Unless we innovate in the way we buy, we will continue to reproduce the social, environmental, and economic impacts that we experience in our industrial economy today”, said Santiago Chan of HP.

    A good example

    Among the measures to be an organization that cooperates with Green IT, applying a good evaluation of allies stands out, that is, maintaining the purchase relationship with brands and companies that have already become more ecological. For example, 10 years ago, CMA acquired a piece of land called “Finca Narnia” that today is a carbon sink, which protects the Torres River, which supplies 25% of the water consumed in the capital, and conserves the biodiversity of the biological corridor.

    The 10 hectares used to be dedicated to the cultivation of ferns for export and there was very little flora and fauna, but currently, it has more than 8,000 thousand trees that have been planted to stimulate the regeneration of the forest. Efforts like these allow us to confirm that we have exceeded our footprint by 500%, and also benefit our customers. We call for more Costa Rican companies to join in being sustainable companies that incorporate actions to care for the environment into their business strategies and objectives, said Julio Castilla, General Manager of CMA.

    Other actions that also add to the common effort

    Acquiring equipment that is efficient and does not consume a lot of electrical resources; using items that can be reused and that are produced with recycled material; installing renewable energy sources to power your equipment; turning off equipment that is not being used, and digitizing processes to reduce consumption of paper, can help in generating a positive impact.

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