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    Efficient use of energy is the goal of reducing the amount of energy required to use a certain appliance or product and has become quite the buzzword as of lately. There are a wide variety of hybrid appliances, variations of the standard model, that work at a much more efficient pace. In some cases the government of a country will give tax breaks to businesses or individuals who install energy efficient appliances.

    Recently, Costa Rica has taken the stage as one of the world’s up and coming energy efficient leaders. In recent years Costa Rica has become the breeding ground for innovative solar power companies, reliable businesses that provide energy efficient appliances, and world leaders with a broad background in renewable energy.

    Daniel Yepez is an international entrepreneur and together with Ashok Chabria the founder of GoSolar, a solar panel installation company with one goal: Make solar power a viable, and affordable option for Ticos throughout the country. Mr. Chabria explained to me how for the past year the solar industry struggled while the government processed a new bill allowing them to install panels but times have changed. The bill has since passed and companies like GoSolar have overcome their biggest obstacle. The next step? Spreading the word.

    Currently Costa Rica is roughly 80% dependent on hydropower as its main source of energy, but pioneers in the world of renewable energy like Mr. Ashok and Mr. yepez don’t believe that’s our best course of action. Costa Rica’s hydropower is dependent on high rain during the wet seasons, something that’s not guaranteed. A particularly dry year could lead to a deficit in available energy, which would in turn lead to a massive surge in prices.

    The sun, however, is a constant. Solar power doesn’t rely on the weather nearly as much as hydropower, nor does it knock down protected national rainforests and jungles (one of the biggest issues with geothermal power).

    For this reason, the International Conference of the Free Zones of the Americas is being extended for a third day dedicated to providing all our members with a complete understanding of how energy costs can be drastically reduced by solar and LED lighting.

    The timing of this event could not be better as the Costa Rican Renewable Energy Laws were finally put in place by both ARESEP and MINAE in April of this year. While this is overall good news, the resulting regulations and tariffs are complex and require large consumers of energy to implement well defined and targeted strategies to optimally minimize their monthly electricity expenses.

    To register for the conference go to: or call +506 4031-3703

    See Post Conference Video CLICK HERE:

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