Ecological Diapers Made by a Costa Rican Family Contribute to Protect the Environment

Didiet Araya (45) Decided to Start Her Own Company of Ecological Diapers

The brand “Eco-Perezocitos” was born in August 2018 when Didiet Araya, a neighbor of Curridabat, left her job of more than 15 years to create her own company. Her idea was to exploit the skills in sewing, but also seeking to develop a project that protects the environment.

By checking the Internet, she found that disposable diapers are a big problem worldwide. Every year in the world, 1 billion trees are cut only to make this product. Its polluting chemicals remain in the ground for a period of 200 to 500 years before being disposed of, according to the Environmental Action Foundation.

It was at that moment when Araya (45) decided to start her own company of ecological diapers. “It was quite an odyssey. First, we tried the fabrics; then we realized that they do not sell the fabrics here. In my case, I had to bring them from outside, specifically from Shanghai (China)”, commented the entrepreneur. The first tests she did with relatives until he had the approval to take them to the public.

The Araya entrepreneurship has joined sisters, nieces, and other relatives to turn the venture into a family SME. Already when her brand Eco-Perezocitos obtained all the permits in January, officially started with its sale and is now participating in different fairs to publicize the product.

“I think it is not impossible for people to stop using disposable diapers, I have noticed that young people like them a lot or are the most interested because they come with that environmental chip and they represent savings”, said the creator of Eco-Perezocitos . To date, they have sold more than 100 of those diapers.

How do they work?

The diapers are a unique size that becomes larger or smaller, depending on the needs, thanks to the clasps that have as closures. They are recommended for children from 3 months to 1 year and a half.

“It lasts just like a disposable diaper, between 2 and 3 hours This diaper has an absorbent tissue that can be changed, but if necessary, it changes the 2. It can also be washed in the washing machine without any problem”, explained Araya.

Currently, it has 18 different designs and each diaper has a cost of ¢ 8 thousand. These diapers can be obtained by writing on the Eco-Perezocitos Facebook page.

SOURCEDinia Vargas
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