“Eco-Drive” Program Trained 2,300 Drivers in Cost Reduction and Environmental Impact

Talks Are Facilitated by Experts in Automotive Issues

There are 2,300 fleet drivers from 24 Costa Rican companies who were trained in cost reduction under the free Eco-Drive program. The program aims to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the negative environmental impact, as well as prevent road accidents.

Eco-Drive is part of the Purdy Motor Total Support area and provides customer support throughout the product life cycle. “In the last 4 years, we have conducted more than 80 free Eco-Drive trainings”, said Josué Hernández, Product Specialist at Purdy Motor. “In addition to positively impacting the budget of each company, we strengthen our relationship with our client and provide added value to their purchase”, added Hernández.

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For companies like Belca S.A., this type of training is an opportunity to optimize their resources and significantly reduce the impact generated by their business. This was stated by Andrey Valerio, Environmental Manager of the firm.

Innovative training

Eco-Drive talks are facilitated by experts in automotive issues. In addition, they are designed to meet the needs and identify the characteristics of each participating company.

This training is given from the theoretical point of view, in which related topics such as preventive techniques for vehicle maintenance, economic driving and safe driving on the road are taken into account. It also has practices for drivers to test their knowledge, and measure their performance through a scanner that allows comparing the progress made.

During 2019 alone, experts from Grupo Purdy Motor have trained more than 1,000 people under this program. This generates a significant change in the way of driving many of the country’s fleets and encourages accident prevention.

“If we take the average data obtained for HINO during the trainings we have provided during this year and apply it to the more than 1,000 people we have trained this 2019. We can estimate that approximately 5,000 kilometers of fuel can be reduced by 5,000 kilometers of driving”, explained Hernández. “That equals 301 tons of CO2 less than stop emitting into the atmosphere”, he added.

This translates into greater environmental awareness on the part of companies that use fleets for their regular operation, as well as a decrease in operating costs, fuel efficiency, among other benefits of the Eco Drive program. “For a business like ours, having a healthy and efficient fleet is paramount; we must arrive on time to all the routes that are coordinated. There can be no breakdown with the unit or vehicle and also”, said Valerio.

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