Nine More Costa Rican Companies Receive the Carbon Neutral Seal of Approval

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    The Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) presented nine more companies with the Carbon Neutral (C-Neutral) seal, reported an official source.

    Of the nine companies, seven were nominated by the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (INTECO): Panduit of Costa Rica Ltda, GWW Internacional SA, Coopeservidores RL, Tree Amarillo SA, Bar Association and Lawyers of Costa Rica, Sociedad Life Insurance and the National Teachers Sykes Latin America SA.

    The other two are DEMASA Palmito Division and International Banana Company-Finca in San Pablo.

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    The corporate statement “carbon neutral” is achieved when entities develop a plan to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming and compensate for those that cannot can be reduced, all verified by an accredited agency.

    “This group represents the third round of Costa Rican companies that meet domestic and global carbon neutrality standards established by the government and its verification is an important for the operation of the domestic carbon market and a big step towards C-Neutrality in Costa Rica,” said INTECO in a statement.

    The coordinator of the Unit Verification of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) INTECO, Manuel Gonzalez, said in the statement: “It is very important that more and more organizations reduce their carbon emissions and incorporate actions to support the national goal for C-neutrality. This is subject to evaluations by accredited agencies so they know the real state of their emissions.”

    Costa Rica aims to become the first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021.

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