Turrialba Volcano Very Active Over the Weekend With Ash Eruptions and Small Quakes

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    The Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica, which since last October has maintained constant activity continues excite with new ash eruptions accompanied by seismic movements in recent days.

    Gino Gonzalez, a volcanologist at the National Seismological Network (RSN), said that last weekend the volcano presented two phreatic eruptions (ash and gases), which are small compared to the activity in October of 2014.

    “The signs that we’re seeing are very different to those that occurred in October last year. We must understand that the volcano is in a state of imbalance, as the days pass the seismic is increasing, however, the quakes are very contained and not perceived by the population,” said Gonzalez.

    The Turrialba volcano, located in the province of Cartago about 70 miles east of San José, has entered into an active phase of gas and ash eruptions since last October 30, along with some small magma flows.

    “We are in the field identifying potential hazards. The ash that has emanated the colossus is highly localized to the west and is a gray ash, which has not caused any major damage like in October,” said Gonzalez.

    No serious problems have been reported as a result of the volcano’s eruption over the weekend.

    The National Emergency Commission maintains a green alert, which is preventive, in order to accelerate action and promptly respond to any future damages caused by this natural phenomenon.

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