Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, One of the 100 People With Best Reputation On the Planet Visits Costa Rica

    She will be present at the Women's Economic Forum (WEF) to be held in Costa Rica

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    On July 25, the Women Economic Forum (WEF) Costa Rica will receive its founder and leader, Dr. HarbeenAroraRai, one of the 100 women with the best reputation on the planet, according to the Reputation Poll International 2019 survey. In addition, she is the founder of five free platforms or empowering ecosystems (G100, ALL, WEF, SHEconomy and WICCI), focused on the advancement of women in the labor market and a powerful network of 500,000 women in 150 countries.

    Women’s Economic Forum

    The Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) Costa Rica, in its fourth event, will form an alliance with the organization Soy Mujer, who will develop the theme “The moment is now, I lived with purpose”, the call is face-to-face and by invitation, the quota is exclusive for 200 national and international guests, and the event will be held on July 25 at the Marriot Hotel in Hacienda Belén.

    Panels and creative activities will be the keynote in the value content agenda, with the objective of exchanging ideas, inspiring and enhancing skills, based on the experiences of leaders of all fields and genders.

    First G100 meeting

    As a novelty, on this occasion, Costa Rica will have the opportunity to hold its first G100 meeting, the protagonist of the event is one of the 100 global women leaders from the Chair of “Coaching & Training” (Preparation and Training), the Costa Rican Mrs. NuriaMarínReventós.

    In this way, WEF, established in Costa Rica since 2020 in alliance with the organization Soy Mujer, has achieved three successful events in the country with the participation of hundreds of women among national and international participants and panelists, one of them with the acclaimed writer Isabel Allende and other well-known women.

    According to the General Director of WEF Costa Rica and President of the Soy Mujer Association, Bernardita Rodríguez: “We have achieved a space in which women have a voice to connect, inspire,empower and enjoy the energy we create together. We will continue promoting the construction of a world that is increasingly inclusive and respectful of our contributions and value as social agents for the generation of ideas, changes and both economic and well-being opportunities for all”.

    WEF 2023 will be a face-to-face event for 200 women, who will have the opportunity to network, learn about the products and/or services of our sponsors. The intention of these spaces is to create, intertwine and strengthen the networking relationships that have been generated in previous events, for which a limited number of participants is desired to achieve this effect.

    From this initiative, the organization will continue to support and strengthen its 4 focus axes, being: Female Empowerment and Innovation, Health and Well-being, Education and Leadership, and Sustainable Development.

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