Downward Trend of COVID-19 Cases in Costa Rica Continues

    A very positive sign of the normalization in the country

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    The rate of COVID-19 infections in the last month was once again less than one, this may indicate that the country can “stabilize” in daily reports of around 350 cases, as it concludes the most recent analysis carried out by the Development Observatory of the University of Costa Rica (OdD).

    According to the OdD, the contagion rate was 0.91 for this past week, this value shows a slight increase, since seven days before the number stood at 0.83; however, it continues to be very positive for the country.

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    The contagion rate or Rt rate indicates the average number of people that each infected person infects during the entire time that the virus can transmit. If the rate is less than one, the Pandemic is on its way to extinction, but if it is greater than one, there is proliferation.

    According to the analysis, for the recent dates, there is a downward trend in the number of daily cases reported, which begins to mark in January and has continued to date.

    “The Rt (contagion rate) has fallen below unity since the same dates and has remained constant, what may be implying is that Costa Rica can “stabilize” in daily case reports between 350 to 500 cases, which is clearly less than half of the daily cases reported during the last months of 2020 ”, the report reads.

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