by TCRN Staff

The dollar was steady in morning bank counters practically the same as yesterday, when it fell about ¢17.

This morning, the dollar was trading at Banco Credito Agricola de Cartago at ¢ 528 for sale and ¢ 518 for the purchase. That was the lowest bid at the window at 8:38 am

We followed the banks of Costa Rica and People with ¢ 528.50 and ¢ 518.50 and then the National Bank with ¢ 528.50 and ¢ 519, as reported by the Central Bank website.

As was reported today by The Nation, the low of yesterday is the largest decline recorded since 21 November 2007, when the price of the currency fell 19 ¢ a day.

With this decline, the price of the dollar has dropped almost 32 ¢ so far this year and ¢ 61 from August 2009 when it began to fall.