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    Most of our time is spent at work. If you are happy at work, it very often spills over to your social and family relationships and makes for a happier life. Extant research points to how happiness affects our health and well-being too. So, when looking for a new job, we mustn’t just look at the size of the pay cheque – because while a hefty salary can help you overlook the bad things and misery that a job can create, it can only cover things up for so long.  While it is good to earn well and live comfortably, not worrying about financial demands, consideration needs to be given to other factors.

    So, when you look for security guard jobs, these are things that you should remember, and always keep in mind. They could just be the difference in making a mundane job bearable or even enjoyable.

    Proximity to your home

    Narrow down your search by deciding on how far you are willing to spend commuting. Ask people who work there or who work in the same area what the traffic situation is like. Often close proximity might not be as short a commute as you would imagine if it is a high traffic area. Although, our work hours could also affect the time spent in traffic, and you might find yourself not traveling in peak hours. The point though is that you don’t want to be spending two or three hours a day traveling to and from a job that is nothing more than a means to an end.

    Additional employee benefits

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    While it is important not to just look at the pay cheque, having extra benefits makes a massive difference to your lifestyle.  For example, medical insurance. There is a great sense of security knowing that your basic medical needs are covered. Another could be your leave allowance. There are various different leave allowances and some companies offer some nice packages – especially if it is a high-stress environment or a job that requires extended periods of high focus. Other elements to look at include maternity or paternity leave, mental health days, sick leave and family compassionate leave.

    Understanding the industry

    Being in the security guarding industry means there is a chance that incidents could occur, and it is important that you are mentally prepared for such situations. Ask the company you are researching if they have free counseling services.  If not, make sure you are aware that you may need some counseling support and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations of practitioners.

    The cultural fit

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    The culture of a company is essential to your job satisfaction.  Look for security guard jobs that are congruent with your personal values and act ethically with staff, customers and the public.  Because we spend so much of our time at work, having a work environment that aligns to who we ensure loyalty to that company and loyalty is a trait that employers are always looking for.

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