Creating a New Life in Costa Rica through Art

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    4 years ago my wife visited Costa Rica for a yoga retreat and Costa Rica won her heart. The day she got back home to Chicago she said she has to go back and I have to join her. Once we made the journey together we knew one day we would live in Costa Rica. We just didn’t know how soon that would happen.

    After traveling to Costa Rica for 2 years we finally made the leap of faith sold everything, I quit my 12-year career, and we (my wife, daughter, and I) moved to Ojochal Costa Rica. At that moment Jan 3rd, 2019, I was never an artist and never was in to drawing but I always loved mathematics.

    Shortly after arriving my daughter challenged me to draw a mandala. At that moment I knew a gift has been given to me and such a beautiful way to incorporate mathematics in art. After drawing and doing painted mandalas I was introduced to laser cut layered mandalas.

    I want the country of Costa Rica and the world to be enlightened one mandala at a time. The process behind each mandala is to create the art on the computer, let the laser program work it’s magic, I paint each layer, blue each layer together, and then clear coat the whole mandala after it’s created.

    I also want my art to let the world know that anything is possible and we have hidden talents inside each and every one of us we just have to be open to receive these gifts. I like working with all of the colors because they all have a different story to tell.

    One project that I want to come out of this is every mandala I make for a home I will also make a mandala puzzle for the local schools for free in the area of Ojochal and then expand out after that. I want to make the puzzle so the kids can paint it themselves and put it together. I want every kid to bring a mandala to their home.

    My family and I love nature so we always bring our friends and family to nature. We like nayuaca waterfall, Manuel Antonio national park to see the monkeys, we love all of the beaches and rivers in the area, we like to cliff jump at some waterfalls, and we also have a very special special scarlet macaw that visits our home and is very friendly with people.

    My message to the younger generation is “all is open and all is possible” and we must live in tune with nature and respect the air, the water, the land, and our food.  My greatest inspirations with laser art are studiogayaart on IG and fil_roberts on IG.
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