Covid-19 Cases Continue to Decline in Costa Rica

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    Confirmed cases of COVID-19 decreased by 9 percent in the last week in Costa Rica, thus maintaining the downward trend during June, while vaccination advances with the placement, so far, of 2.33 million doses , official sources reported.

    The state-run Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) indicated in a report that, as of this past Monday, in this country of 5 million inhabitants, 1.53 million first doses have been applied and 795,063 people have already completed their two-dose vaccination scheme.

    “The effort made by CCSS officials throughout the country and the availability of the biological has allowed us to maintain a sustained rise in the placement of vaccines. Only the previous week we registered the placement of 180 thousand 510 doses”, affirmed the medical manager of the institution, Mario Ruiz.

    Official statistics

    In the risk group of people aged 58 years and over, 1.39 million doses of the COVID vaccine have been registered, of which 719,040 are first doses and 677,359 second doses. In the prioritized group of people between 12 and 57 years with risk factors, the authorities have applied 659 thousand 586 doses. Of that total, 643,320 correspond to first doses, which allows 4 out of 10 people in this group to already have at least one dose.

    In the group of public officials for face-to-face care, 26,084 people have been vaccinated, while in the priority group of medical personnel and workers of long-stay centers, 237,172 doses have been applied. Finally, in the prioritized group made up of people between 12 and 57 years old without risk factors, health science students and clinical field technicians, 11,789 doses have been reported.

    “You don’t have to trust yourself, you have to continue taking care of yourself. The virus is there and we cannot lower our guard. We have to take care of each other, more than ever. This is the moment,” said Ruiz.

    Figures updated

    Data from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health reveal that epidemiological week 24 (from June 13 to 19) registered 10 thousand 670 positive cases of COVID-19, while week 23 (from June 6 to 12) counted 11 thousand 727 cases for a decrease of 9 percent and an average of 1,524 daily cases. This confirms a downward trend in the number of cases that the country has experienced, after May was the month with the most cases and deaths so far in the pandemic.

    In the case of deaths, the country added 144 deaths related to COVID-19 during week 24, compared to the 171 deaths reported in week 23. In total 4,546 people have died since the pandemic began. This past Tuesday there were 1,143 people hospitalized, of which 450 were in intensive care units. So far in the Pandemic, Costa Rica accumulates 354,095 cases of COVID-19.

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