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    The Partido Verde Ecologista (PVE), or Green Ecological Party, of Costa Rica is proud to announce that it will be officially integrated into The Federation of Green Parties of the Americas (FGPA) at a ceremony during the Federation’s annual meeting, which will be held December 8th to the 11th in Ciudad Natal, Brazil.

    FGPA is comprised of all of the green ecological political organizations of the American continents. Founded December 2, 1997, in Mexico City and ratified in Isla Bela, Brazil in March of 1998, the Federation enjoys the participation of Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, as well as Venezuela, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

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    The FGPA encourages the formation of Green Ecological Parties in all of the countries of the American continent in order to work with governments to find solutions to environmental problems. In the spirit of love, justice, and liberty, the members of the Federation work together to strengthen efforts that promote the development of a civilization capable of living in harmony with nature.

    The Federation of Green Parties of the Americas participates actively in the Global Green movement, which comprises all the Green Ecological Parties of the world: the African, American, Asian-Pacific, and European groups. The members of the Global Green Party aspire to the formation of a global ecological society that is able to harmonize the social, economic, political and cultural spheres with our natural surroundings. 

    Costa Rica’s PVE was founded in Cartago in September of 2004 and has struggled to gain acceptance

     by the FGPA.Becoming part of this important international body and winning the support of affiliated organizations such as Greenpeace is a solid achievement for Rodrigo J. Arias Gutiérrez, founder and president of PVE, and Carlos R. Arrieta Jiménez, chief of political action and former PVE candidate, who both have worked to gain recognition by the international group.

    “We are gratified to have earned membership in the Federation and we look forward to meeting other activists at the annual meeting,” Arrieta said. “We know our party will benefit from the support of this international group.”

    Representatives of PVE will travel to Brazil to receive FGPA credentials and will deliver a brief address at the meeting.

     (Edited and translated by Kat Sunlove and Kate Galante.)

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