Costa Rican Women Undress Their Most Intimate Desires

    They Are Eager to Release Their Endless Passion...

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    Abelardo Canelo
    I am not only a fluent Spanish-English reader/speaker but also a bi-cultural person who has a broad solid background. I also have a passionate interest in different expressions of music, especially many American styles and their combinations (Folk-Country, Jazz, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Soul, and so on), dance, stage and screen, and some other forms of artistic expression.

    These days, and despite all the different research that has been conducted on sex, this issue is still taboo for many people.

    With regard to this aspect, it is normal to have thoughts that it is not right to let oneself be carried away by impulses or to let loose what one feels and to begin to really explore each part of our body.

    However, there are specialists who say that getting carried away by sexual desires and fantasies is one of the most exciting practices because it leaves aside the shame and seeks to explore with the couple, or in solitaire, several areas of our body.

    These practices are usually carried out seeking to get nerve endings that make you live a moment of true pleasure. What is mentioned is very exciting, especially if it means exploring every part of our body.

    Of course, it should always be done with the necessary hygiene recommendations to practice this kind of adventures.

    This is a brief guide for what you enjoy sex, no matter from which perspective. We promise you will not regret it …

    Our women, that is, Costa Rican women, are a bit shy when it comes to expressing what they feel about sexual relations. In this opportunity, we bare some of your most intimate wishes which will be shared with you through this edition.

    What they prefer

    In our country, the rise of so-called sex toys began to take sides. That is why we decided to walk around the different stores of this type to conduct a survey, which showed that women have many fantasies that in most cases are carried out with the use of one of these types of toys. Many times our women visit these stores only out of curiosity and being inside they end up discovering that these toys would help them in many cases to fan the passion as a couple.

    Well, in many of the occasions it is what they want because they feel with ease that the couple’s relationships are cooled by a myriad of elements of work, stress, infidelity, travel, among other important aspects.

    It should be noted that the most recurrent clients in this type of business are middle-aged women (30 and 40 years old approximately). This must be because they no longer have taboo or fear to openly enjoy sex.

    Meet Sona…

    Currently, this is one of the most commercialized products in the capital of Costa Rica. The same is nothing more than a powerful clitoris stimulator. This can be defined as a stimulator by sonic waves, its model and function promise to break with old models of stimulation.

    In relation to this, Sona promises to stimulate the clitoris by 75% more than the models of vibrators that have been manufactured in the past.

    Lucky Rabbit

    This “toy” has a double function; it is carried out up and down, which guarantees the most intense of the orgasms. Currently, the lucky rabbit is one of the most sophisticated toys that can be found in the various Costa Rican sex shops.

    Sexy “Come Here

    Its star movement is called “Come Here”. It consists of simulating the caresses that good lovers perform during sex, especially in the so-called “G point”.

    Tiani 3

    This toy is defined as a compliment because it was designed to be worn by women while they are in the middle of a sexual relationship with their partner. It is made to be enjoyed by the couple.

    In this device, you can control the vibrations while you are making love, just by moving your hand; you can also program it to be fast, medium, or slow.

    In the presentation of this attractive toy, it is expressed that guarantees to explore the most unexpected parts of them and them. Ideal to be used as a couple, which does not mean that it cannot be used alone if that is your choice.

    Thematic suitcase

    This could be said to be a new edition, of little use and limited, but that brings with it sexual benefits of immeasurable magnitude.

    Sex thematic suitcase

    Inside, the thematic suitcase contains 12 elements of pleasure these are designed to make your imagination fly to limits that only you know.

    In some countries, the content varies in its presentation. Generally, this suitcase has dildos, stimulants, returners, lubricants, among other elements, so you can enjoy a unique night, whether as a couple, in groups or alone.

    Remember that everything needed is within yourself; sex pleasure has no limits…

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