Costa Rican Police Force Graduates 312 Officers in Guanacaste

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    Costa Rican Police Force Graduates 312 Officers in Guanacaste”][/caption]With a common goal in mind, to strengthen police work of Costa Rica, the National Police Academy of Ministry of Public Security (MSP), graduated to 312 officers in Guanacaste.
    This new police force will begin serving the country immediately. Out of the 312 officers, 185 already completed the Curso Basico Policial number 56 and the remaining 127 have completed the Curso Basico de Alta.

    For about a year, men and female police officers were trained in the school and received training in three areas: humanities, law enforcement, and technical knowledge. This way, each officer completed more than two thousand hours of class as well as a professional practice in the streets of Costa Rica.

    “As we all know, public safety is the priority of our Administration. We have achieved a very positive performance and Guanacaste is no exception. Today we are graduating a large number of police officers, some of which will be serving this province, “said President Laura Chinchilla.

    The freshmen graduates took the basic police training program called Curso Basico Policial, while those who took Curso Policial de Alta were officers who already work in the Air Surveillance Service (SVA), the Drug Control Police (PCD), the Police Force or Specialized Units, but who had not over gone the training yet.

    Chinchilla also stated that her administration is soon to accomplish its goal. “The important thing is that we have reached a record number of police officers. We have invested in their training and police efficiency has improved a lot,” she added.

    President Chinchilla also said that in addition to increasing the number of police officers, the government will make every effort to invest in technology in order to have better surveillance equipment and mechanisms that will allow officers to handle emergencies more efficiently.

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