Guanacaste Day July 25th Celebrates Guanacaste’s Annexation to Costa Rica

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    Guanacaste Day July 25th Celebrates Guanacaste’s Annexation to Costa Rica
    Guanacaste Costa Rica – July 25th 2012, Guanacaste Day, celebrates Guanacaste’s Annexation to Costa Rica. Prior to 1824, Guanacaste was part of Nicaragua. Because Nicaragua was involved in civil wars, the people of Guanacaste’s petitioned to be annexed to Costa Rica, which Central American Federation approved the annexation; since then Guanacaste has been a part of Costa Rica.

    Guanacaste Day is public holiday for all of Costa Rica with many activities, festivals, parades and events.

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    Guanacaste’s towns artisans with plenty of “comida tipica”, typical Costa Rican food, such as tamales, tortillas con cuajadas (cheese in tortillas), rosquillas (like a tortilla donut) and tanelas, as well as their specialty called chicheme, a purple drink made from corn. Concerts, fireworks and folk dancing are all enjoyed by everyone.

    Guanacastecos (the peoples of Guanacaste), are a very proud people that love to celebrate dance and sing, love rodeos and have a very unique and special culture.

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