Costa Rican Indigenous Peoples Will Have National Games With Their Ancestral Sports

    It is a competition that seeks to strengthen their cultural and spiritual identity

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    The Costa Rican Sports and Recreation Federation of Indigenous Peoples prepares the first edition of the Ancestral National Sports Games. It is a competition that seeks to strengthen the cultural and spiritual identity of indigenous peoples at the national level.

    Among the Costa Rican indigenous sports and recreational games are the bow and arrow, blowgun, rope pull, javelin throw, open or cross country race, boating, endurance race, firewood pick, among others.

    Preparing for the World Games of Indigenous People

    Originally the games would be held the previous year but due to the Pandemic they had to be rescheduled. Although the date is yet to be defined, the goal is to be able to do them before the next World Games of Indigenous Peoples. This competition is held in different American countries every two years and the next edition will be in Brazil.

    This after the leader of the International games, Marcos Terena, informed that he will send an invitation letter to Costa Rica with the details of the preparations for this event that will eventually take place in Rio de Janeiro.

    The construction of the Pablo Presbere Gymnasium was recently approved. This will be located in Bratsi de Talamanca and will be the first cantonal sports complex in an indigenous territory.
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