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    Costa Rican Indigenous Peoples Will Have National Games With Their Ancestral Sports

    The Costa Rican Sports and Recreation Federation of Indigenous Peoples prepares the first edition of the Ancestral National Sports Games. It is a competition...

    The Indigenous Sisters Who Created Lagoons Mixing Ancestral Practices With Scientific Knowhow

    The ancestral practice with which Magdalena, Marcela, and Lidia Machaca, three sisters have created 71 lagoons

    Indigenous Bribris Undertake an Ancestral Gastronomy Restaurant

    Offering the original gastronomy of Tico indigenous peoples, with flavors full of history, healthy food and hand in hand with the environment, gave rise...

    Pablo Bonilla And Sikwa: Bringing Back Costa Rica's Ancient Flavors

    Costa Rican chef Pablo Bonilla has wanted to rescue the roots and secrets of the Costa Rican cuisine through his restaurant Sikwa

    The Colorful Typical Oxcart of Costa Rica and the “Boyeo”

      The traditional ox cart is the most famous type of craftsmanship in Costa Rica. Since the mid-nineteenth century, oxcarts were used to transport coffee...

    The Chocolate Culture, Our Tradition With Very Deep Ancestral Roots

    Chocolate is the food that is obtained by mixing sugar with two products derived from the manipulation of cocoa seeds: cocoa mass and cocoa...

    Indigenous Boruca People Canoed More Than 40 Kilometers, Reviving Their Ancestral Traditions

    Several indigenous people of Rey Curré organized a trip in boats from their community to Ciudad Cortés, to remember that custom that their ancestors...
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