Costa Rican Biological Corridors, a Bridge for the Conservation of Biodiversity

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    In Costa Rica, biological corridors are the second most important conservation strategy in terms of territory and scope promoted by the National Program of Biological Corridors and with the participation of local actors in their management through participatory platforms called Local Committees of Biological Corridors.

    Costa Rica has 44 biological corridors, which represent about 33% of the continental territory

    They are usually located between two nuclei, be national parks, reserves, having to provide connectivity between landscapes, ecosystems or habitats for different animals and ensure the maintenance of the country’s biodiversity.

    Interurban Biological Corridors (CBIs)

    These are defined as the urban territorial extension that provides connectivity between landscapes, ecosystems and modified or natural habitats, that interconnect micro basins, green fabric of cities, (urban parks, green areas, farrera line, islets, and forests on the banks of the river, and others).

    These spaces contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity, making possible the dispersal migration of species of flora and fauna and include cultural, socioeconomic and political dimensions. The new CBIs correspond to urban spaces of participatory conservation, with a different relevance in terms of social and economic aspects in order to conserve these spaces.

    Which are the Biological corridors of Costa Rica?

    There are three Biological Corridors defined in the regional program:

    – Rincón Cacao Biological Corridor (San Cristóbal sector)

    – Biological Corridor Rincon Rain Forest sector (of the protected area).

    – Las Morocochas Sociobiological Biological Corridor (in private properties).

    What are the types of biological corridors?

    The models show two important types of Corridors for the migration of plant species. Corridors that connect protected areas in the mountains with other areas at lower altitudes. Corridors that have allowed people to improve their quality of life, resources are better protected and become a sustainable way of conserving.

    It is a very diverse bridge, where you can find everything, they are transitional sites and what must be encouraged is that people are aware that we can share the same space. The biological corridors are not an official structure properly but an interinstitutional collaboration with training and support to the communities, especially in rural areas, who take a very important role in terms of conservation and protection, because they are in charge of maintaining it.

    An example

    The Tenorio Miravalles Biological Corridor in the north of the country. This area houses great biodiversity, water resources and has great ecological value with the passage of jaguars, pumas, tapirs, among others.

    The residents of the community and farm owners have come together to work together, creating passage for wildlife protecting the animals from hunters and with producers aware of creating the least possible impact on the environment.

    Biological Corridors are of great contribution to the country in order to achieve sustainable environmental development.

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