Costa Rican Authorities Announce Another Increase In Fuel Prices

    The liter of gasoline super will cost ¢823

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    This past week, the extraordinary price study of gasoline in Costa Rica was presented, in compliance with the provisions of the current methodology, which considers the variations in the international reference price of the last 15 days individualized by-product and the exchange rate of the colon with respect to the dollar.

    The study was presented today to the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP), and includes the updating of the variables for the period between January 27, 2022 and February 10, 2022, with the following result:

    Super gasoline will go from ¢765 to ¢823, regular from ¢748 to ¢805, while diesel from ¢671 to ¢725.

    The increase per liter is ₡58 in Super Gasoline, in Plus 91 it is ₡57 and in Diesel 50, it is ₡54.

    A significant rise

    The nominal prices of gasoline and diesel show a significant rise, due to the escalation in international prices in January and February 2022, as well as the behavior of the exchange rate, which has continued its upward trend, going from ₡640.89 to January, to ₡645.71 in February, with a difference of ₡4.82 per dollar, (exchange rate set by the Central Bank for the non-banking public sector).

    It should be noted that on this occasion there are two factors that affect the final result of the requested adjustment, on the one hand international prices added to the exchange rate and on the other the application of the price differential or lag.
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