Although at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Costa Rica, social isolation and handwashing were taken as a priority. Recently, the Health Minister, Daniel Salas, pointed out the importance of using masks to prevent community spread of the Virus.

Therefore, this measure has now come into effect with the aim of safeguarding all Costa Rican’s health. In addition to maintaining the other sanitary measures such as social distancing and constant hand washing.

Minister Salas stated: “Every day with the increasing number of cases, we have been dangerously approaching a possibility of community spread. That is why the reopening and flexibility measures have been taking now must include complementary steps to prevent the Virus from disseminating.”

The use of a mask is not a substitute for other preventive health measures
The Minister was emphatic in pointing out that the use of face masks does not replace in any way the other sanitary measures and that continue in force, which are: The social distance of 1.8 meters between people, also the frequent constant washing of hands and not being in crowded places.

The masks can be surgical or cloth and must have full facial coverage, mouth, and nose. Regarding the implementation of the mask, the Minister stated: “When putting it on, you have to wash your hands. When removing it, you have to do it with all the care.” In the same way, he affirmed, “If we do not use the masks as they should be, rather they will become a method of transmission of the Virus and in no way, the use of a mask will stop hand washing.”

He emphasized not to break the social bubbles, the mouthpiece is only a measure to reinforce the others that we have been implementing and that has helped us to keep the contagion curve flattened, compared to other countries in the region.

A necessary measure to continue with the economic reopening
The mandatory use of the mask is necessary for the re-opening of shops and services in the country. And if the contagion rate is stabilized, the economic reopening and the relaxation of restrictive measures could continue. But that will only be possible with the greatest collective conscience.

Minister Salas stressed: “The pandemic requires us to adapt ourselves to new behaviors. The mask has not been part of our lives before, but it is important today to adopt its correct use: not manipulating it, ensuring coverage of the nose and mouth, and not assuming a false sense of security, social distancing, and hand washing are still golden rules. “

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